Oncopadi Concierge

Cancer Care tailored to your needs

At Oncopadi Digital Clinic we offer cancer care tailored to your needs. Imagine a Consultant Oncologist dedicated to your medical and oncology needs. A doctor you can trust to keep you informed, well and empowered to make the best healthcare and lifestyle decisions.

For anyone, who wants a proactive and personalized health approach to cancer treatment, look no further Oncopadi Digital Clinic will assign you a committed Consultant Oncologist.

Concierge Medicine is for you, If you:

– Have a primary oncologist but want a second opinion on cancer treatment.

– Want personalized cancer care.

– Want to be proactive about wellness and cancer care.

– Want to prevent certain cancers.

– Receive treatment abroad and require care coordination in Nigeria.

How does Oncopadi Concierge Plan Work?


Simplify your needs

Your Oncopadi Oncologist will work with your current oncology team (local and international) to coordinate your care and simplify your health care needs. 


Coordinate your care

We will bring all the various elements of your cancer care and other medical services to your understanding.


Receive tailored recommendations

Your oncologist will consult with other cancer specialists to get a tailored recommendation on your specific cancer.

To get started

Call Oncopadi Digital Clinic or book an appointment online


  1. A clinical case manager will be in touch to confirm your plan status and assess your needs
  2. An Oncologists will be assigned to you to develop a personalized care plan

Your care plan includes unlimited video consultations per month

1st video consultation

Review of medical report and clinical history

Assessment of holistic needs-dietary, wellness

Design a cancer care plan with treatment recommendations

2nd video consultation

Promote multidisciplinary recommendation

Lifestyle modification

Cost of care projection

Additional Expenses

Home visits

Tests and drugs


Live multidisciplinary meeting

Oncopadi concierge booking

About Us

Oncopadi.com is Africa's 1st Digital Cancer Clinic

Our clients have access to health information and coping resources, they can trust.

OFFICE: 360 Herbert Macaulay Way, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria.
(Mon - Fri from 8am - 4pm)

TEL: +234-906-938-5125

EMAIL: info@oncopadi.com