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During this pandemic, not everyone has a doctor within reach
but most people have a phone

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Our medical team is working round the clock to support people with health concerns through online consultations, symptom assessment and remote care.
Our talented volunteers are supporting our containment efforts for those affected by COVID-19.
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Get up-to-date information and insights on trending health issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

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What your donation can do?

What your donation can do

Your donation will ensure that the Oncopadi COVID-19 Response remains Free


Oncopadi is providing accurate information and counseling on the COVID 19 pandemic and other health concerns through its blog and telemedicine platforms (chat, audio, video)


We are guiding people with medium-high risk for COVID-19 infection through daily follow-up and remote monitoring. Oncopadi will navigate clients to approved help line and testing sites.


We are providing clinics and hospitals with our telemedicine platform. We are helping more health care providers stay connected to their patients.


In partnership with a triage platform, we are building an artificial intelligent COVID-19 screening predictive tool.


With a wide array of medical consultants on, Our telemedicine platform enables a patient to consult with a doctor, order a test and refill prescriptions.

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Our clients have access to health information and coping resources, they can trust.

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