Dr Lola Salako

The Oncopadi Founder, Dr. Lola Salako, is a radiation oncologist with over 10 years of clinical practice. She came to a sudden realization that the improvement of the abysmal cancer survival rates in Africa lies with empowering the public and cancer patients in the community. The more informed and empowered caregivers are, the better our chances in detecting and treating cancer. More than 70% of cancer patients present with an advanced stage disease and with the pervading poverty, cancer hospital stigmatization, shortage of cancer support, infrastructure, negative cultural belief and limited government health budget, the harsh reality is that, many cancer patients do not receive accurate information and quality cancer care, which makes Africa an unfriendly place to live with cancer. With a high number of cancer patients frightened to present to the clinic due to cost of care, fear of the hospital, complex cancer care system, patients with complaints after clinic hours, or migrating cancer patients, we realized the need to simplify the process of access to cancer information, care, and resources by empowering patients with technology to become more informed and involved in their care.

The Oncopadi was birthed to eliminate health inequities, and navigate cancer patients to approved cancer hospitals.