A message from Oncopadi Founder

A message from Dr Omolola Salako, the founder of Oncopadi Digital Cancer Clinic and Consultant Radiation Oncologist.

Many people diagnosed with cancer are worried about the quality of care they will receive, cost of treatment and are overwhelmed with the medical information they receive. If more people have access to a reliable platform that provides round the clock access to cancer information, care, and resources then more patients will be empowered, informed and involved in their care.

I spend a lot of time thinking about how Oncopadi can best serve the cancer community, and what unique gifts we have to offer. As someone who has cared for a loved one with cancer, lost friends to cancer and treats cancer patients daily,  I have gathered deep insights into helping more people deal positively with cancer. Coupled with  my experience as a caregiver, cancer advocate and Consultant Radiation Oncologist, I have identified the need to connect people affected by cancer promptly with accurate information, support and resources.

Some of the  pain-points the Oncopadi Digital Clinic is addressing include

  • Bureaucracy of connecting with  verified cancer specialist(s) and survivors.
  • Isolation and stigmatization attached to cancer survivors,
  • Paucity of accurate cancer information
  • High cost of cancer care

What we do best at www.oncopadi.com is help cancer patients eliminate isolation and share practical resources that simplify the cancer journey. We connect cancer patients with the cancer specialists  they need – quickly – to access treatment.

The Oncopadi Digital Cancer Clinic aims to improve cancer awareness, survivorship, navigation, early adoption of cancer and adherence of cancer treatment, and care coordination. Whether you are a caregiver caring for someone with cancer or you have just been diagnosed with cancer, we hope you will find one of our resources useful.

Here are 5 things you can achieve

  1. We can connect you to an Oncologist, if you have a question related to cancer treatment or side effect. Chat now
  2. Share your experience and interact with survivors on the Oncopadi Chat forum
  3. Chat with a cancer survivor and learn some coping tips
  4. Read the Oncopadi Blog, which is written by verified physicians and cancer survivors
  5. Reduce the cost of your care and tests by taking advantage of the Deals and discount page

One of our favorite task(s) is connecting cancer patients with the cancer specialists and survivors they need –  promptly– to access treatment and support. Our platform has supported and coordinated cancer care for people in Nigeria, Ghana and United Kingdom. The Oncopadi Digital Cancer Clinic has brought together Oncologists and cancer survivors who are committed to empowering people concerned about cancer via mobile and digital health.

Truly, while I often wish that we could reach everyone in need of support, I am glad the Oncopadi Digital Clinic is making a difference in the lives of people affected by cancer. The Oncopadi app has received several awards and recognition for its innovation and potential impact from Telecel Global, MTN and Africa Women in Tech.

As the Oncopadi Founder, I remain committed to improving the digital cancer clinic and I will appreciate your feedback by email drlola@oncopadi.com

Digitally yours,

Dr Omolola Salako

Founder & Chief Digital Oncologist

Consultant Radiation and Clinical Oncologist

Executive Director, Sebeccly Cancer Care