Alcohol Based Instant Hand Sanitizer 500ml (1 carton)


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Puri Hand sanitizer is a rose-scented, 70% alcohol-based liquid with Aloe Vera anti-bacterial properties and Vitamin E for skin rejuvenation. In this era of optimal hand hygiene, Puri hand sanitizer will decrease germs on your hands while caring for your skin.

Hand sanitizers should be kept handy around your office, care, home etc. Please note that hand washing is important and should be done regularly.  Puri Sanitizer is efficient in the fight against deadly viruses and bacteria. Get this product at the best price on Oncopadi and flatten the curve.

Minimum order quantity is 1 carton. 1 carton contains 20 bottles of 500ml Puri hand sanitizers

Delivery is within 2- 4 days

Delivery within the Mainland attracts an additional N2,000 charge

Delivery within the Island attracts an additional N4,000 charge


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