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The No.1 Cancer app in Nigeria that provides quality cancer care anywhere, anytime from an internet enabled device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ?

The Oncopadi is Africa’s 1st Digital Cancer Clinic that provides accurate cancer information, survivors, specialists and resources. It is a web/mobile app that allows you to chat with cancer experts, book tests, seek a 2nd opinion on a health issue or learn how to prevent cancer and other disease.  

Is Oncopadi app only for cancer patients?

No, it is for everyone interested in their health. You can chat with a doctor on any health topic of your choice; report a symptom or get a second opinion from a doctor about a health condition such as Hypertension, benefit from discounts and many more.

How do I speak or chat with a doctor for consultation?

It’s simple, follow these steps: 

  • Click The App on 
  • Sign up for the web app
  • Click on the consultation
  • Schedule a consultation appointment
  • Make payments online
  • Receive confirmation on your appointment booking within 20 minutes
  • Your Consult with a specialist commences via the chosen (video or audio) platform. 

How to order a test ?

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