10 #stayathome tips to keep you busy during the #COVID19 social distancing period

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, the world at large is at a period where we are practising self-isolation and social distancing. In a bid to reduce the transmission of the coronavirus, the Nigerian government instructed its citizens to #stayathome where this is possible. I am pretty sure that a number of us were really grateful for this much-needed break from our fast-paced lives and spent the first few days sleeping, enjoying luxurious breakfast, enjoying the quiet and spending time with our family, and changing from one pyjamas to another. But as the day goes on, we tend to start to get a little bored and antsy about being stuck indoors. If you are wondering what to do, below is a list of things you can do at home to keep busy.

Learn a new language: Go online, book a class and start learning that language you have always wanted to learn.

Work out: Now is the perfect time to take your health more seriously. You no longer have the excuse of not having the time to. Start small; go for an early morning walk/ jog or go on youtube where there an array of different home work out videos that you can try out… just get busy. Hey, don’t bump into anyone.

Volunteer: Let us know if you would like to support our efforts in reducing the COVID-19 curve. Do you have skills in digital marketing, graphics, content creation, media??? Are you a health care professional, share your specialist knowledge with someone who needs it on

Send an email to covid19@ and let us know how much time per day you will offer and what skills you wish to volunteer. We have a tonne of work to keep you busy.

Make a family/friend scrapbook/album: There are a lot of pictures in our phones and cameras that we have not had the time to go through or sort out, this would be the perfect time to do that, create a digital scrapbook or album, this can be shared with family and friend to put a smile on their faces during this time.

Try a new hobby: We all have that hobby we all wanted to try out: gardening, sewing, knitting, baking… there is no better time. How about planting something in a tin or plastic. Test your farming skills.

Have a spa night: Embrace the quiet, get out those scented candles you haven’t used in a long while and light them, get your face mask and apply them (who doesn’t love a fresh face), while soaking in a tub full of bubbles and essential oils, finish up with an inhouse manicure and pedicure ( use bright coloured nail polish to keep up the cheer) or just spend extra time in the shower. If you prefer the bucket and bowl bath, consider using a bigger bucket and take a seat while you bath.

Try out a new recipe: Tired of the daily staples like rice, yam, bread… Now you can whip up something new and fresh in the kitchen, with thousands of recipe and cookbooks available online you have no excuse to. Become the next big chef post COVID19

Stay connected with family and friends: Yes I know, we need to practice social distancing, for this reason, we are grateful for the internet and advancement in technology where we don’t have to be physically present to stay connected; make a video call to check on your close one, have a virtual lunch/dinner with your friends, the list is endless… get creative.

Do a DIY project: We have seen a lot o this different DIY videos online and probably always thought to ourselves I will try this someday, now you can. How about painting your room, set up a gadget, declutter a room in your home etc

Meditation videos: During this period of social distancing and self-isolation the mind may need some tender loving care, what better way to turn inwards and find some inner peace than through meditation videos that can guide you through some mindful exercise and technique.

Take that course: this time can be used for self-improvement as well, that online course you have been postponing because you did not have the time? Now you do… take it.

Your stay at home should make you stronger, more skilled and wiser.

Still, got questions or need further clarification? Please drop it in the comment box or chat with our information specialist directly. We would love to hear from you.

Until the next episode. Remember; to #StaySafe

xo xo

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