Frequently Asked Questions

Oncopadi App gives you all your health records and community
in one place. On this page, we answer frequent questions we’ve
been asked – in one place. 

About Oncopadi

Oncopadi is Africa’s 1st digital cancer clinic that provides accurate cancer information, survivors,specialists and resources. It is a web/mobile app that allows you to chat with specialists, book tests, seek a second opinion on a health issue or learn to prevent cancer and other diseases

The Oncopadi App is designed for use by the public and people living with cancer. If you are looking for information, healthcare discounts or affordable screening services, you will find useful information here. Cancer survivors and caregivers will find practical support, deals on cancer tests, treatment support and symptom management through the online consultation and loads more.

No, it is for everyone interested in their health. You can chat with a doctor on any health topic, report a symptom, or get a second opinion from a doctor about health conditions such as Hypertension. And also benefit from discounts.

Simply click on the contact us page, pick your area of interest and just send a message, someone will get in touch with you as soon as possible. You can partner with us for research purposes, register your staff/enrollees, consult for yourself or loved ones

Signing In

You need to sign to enjoy all of the benefits Oncopadi.com has to offer. From the teleconsultations to the preventive plans and screening. It offers a personalized premium account.

The Oncopadi website provides most of the information and services except for the personalized features of the App such as the consultation, personal medical records which are hosted by the app.


You can book for consultation in 3 simple steps: Download the Oncopadi app from the google or ios store. Register your account as a patient or caregiver. Book your appointment and pay for your preferred health plan

A smart phone or a laptop/desktop.

Yes you can, just register as a caregiver.

Products & Services

The PROSEcare tool is a digital health research initiative that will measure the incidence and pattern of self-reported side effects and symptoms among patients undergoing radiotherapy treatment for head and neck, pelvic and breast cancer in Nigeria.

The OncopadiARC platform is our proprietary tumor board that virtually redistributes cancer specialists to regions that lack it. 

The tumor board remotely connects cancer specialists around the world to leverage their combined experience and research prowess in making healthcare decisions for each patient. It means Accelerating Access to Remote Cancer Care.

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