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Whether you are a medical student, academia or researcher, Oncopadi sets up digital health hubs and mobile cancer
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About Oncopadi Digital Hubs

The digital health hubs are purposefully renovated spaces for hybrid working, innovating, connecting, discovering, supporting, collaborating, building, scaling, and growing.

The Digital Health Hub in the clinical setting consists of the OncopadiARC platform; a virtual tumour board powered by a video conferencing web app for oncologists and other specialists from different institutions, states, and countries to review patient cases and document care.

The Digital Health Hub in the academic setting will open doors for many and create opportunities for students and researchers to develop their mobile health research in a real-world environment with a close connection to digital health experts.

mobile health research and innovation

and scale up medical entrepreneurship

with a community of healthcare innovators


We are supported by global partners who believe in our vision of
accelerating mobile health research across Africa. 

If you are interested in accelerating mobile health research and
innovation across Africa, contact us to strike a partnership.

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Medical Students

RBRR Digital Health Hub, Lagos State

The RBRR Digital Health Hub is a mobile Health Research development platform and tech learning centre domiciled in the department of Radiation Biology, Radiotherapy and Radiodiagnosis. It engages the potential of academic staff and students through:

  • Enabling space.
  • In-house team – mHealth Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.
  • Network of experts and mentors.
  • Amenities – Internet, Meeting room, Alternative Power, etc.
  • Inspiring students and academicians to create Health-Tech Startups

With its mission to accelerate mobile health research and innovation within the academic community, connecting startups, researchers, 

industry, and investors the RBRR Hub is set to promote mobile health research, build a community of healthcare innovators, and scale-up medical entrepreneurship through digital health.

The RBRR Hub was officially launched on Wednesday, November 10, 2021 and was commissioned by the Vice-Chancellor, University of Lagos, Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe, FAS who was ably represented by the Director of Academic Planning – Professor Mopelola Olusakin. It was well attended by guests from University of Lagos and College of Medicine, University of Lagos.

Prior to the launch, the RBRR Hub hosted a mobile health hybrid workshop with the theme: Accelerating Mobile Health Research, Innovation, Co-Creation and Health Tech Startups with guest speakers and panellists.

OOUTH Hub, Ogun State


Oncopadi launches the RBRR Digital Health Hub, at College of Medicine, University of Lagos

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