Take care of your business while we take
care of your staff’s health

We provide preventive cancer services, and ensure your staff remain in pristine health.

For diagnosed employees, we will ensure that they get constant support
through our Oncoapdi app.

Access cancer prevention and treatment services from your phone.

Focus on productivity while we offer your employees cancer prevention programs.

Protect your budget with affordable cancer care that’s tailored to your company.

Access top-notch cancer specialists at the best prices you can afford.

Hear from our clients

Collaborate With Us

We are supported by global partners who believe in our vision of simplifying and increasing
 access to cancer care in Africa through technology. We partner with organisations to deliver
humane cancer care across Africa.

If you are interested in simplifying cancer care and accelerating the e-patient movement in
Africa, contact Oncopadi to strike a partnership.

Let’s work together​

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