Personalised healthcare experience,
designed just for you

Get cancer prevention & treatment on your phone

You can talk to our superb health team and supportive community from the comfort of your home.

Talk to a cancer specialist in real-time

From preventive care to palliative care and everything in between, you’ll get the same excellent care wherever you are.

Your health records in one place

No need to memorize every detail. Access your medical history and complete records immediately.


Whether you need a second opinion or have a cancer related question, we are here when you need us the most.

Talk to a health provider wherever, whenever. Even right now.

Health Shop

From prescriptions to lab tests, find what you need, from the right place, at the best price.

Screening Tool

Not sure about what screenings are applicable to you? Our Oncoscreen tool simplifies health tests and screenings for you.

In a few clicks, find out what tests you’re eligible for, and the diagnostic centers closest to you.

HPV Screening

It’s TimeToScreen Yourself. Learn if you are HPV-free anytime, anywhere. 

Hear from our patients



You don’t need to do it alone, cancer care is not complete without community. You can share your experience and learn from other survivors. Get support and helpful information from those who understand the journey you’re on.

Cancer Library

Dive into our curated videos, articles and ebooks for answers to common questions about cancer. These resources are available immediately to help you take proactive decisions about cancer care.

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