Beyond Chemotherapy: Keeping A Trendy And Smart Lifestyle

Chemotherapy is the use of drugs or chemicals to treat an illness or disease. Chemotherapy drugs work by stopping the growth of cells. This affects both your healthy cells and the cancer cells hence the side effects like hair loss, weight loss and fatigue. The changes to your body may also be a source of worry. Staying trendy and stylish after chemotherapy is not a distant dream. If you need to return to work or your regular life after your chemotherapy, you may need to make changes to your usual routine.

How can you remain trendy after chemotherapy?

  1. Deal with any side effects: If you have lost your hair, you may get a wig, a haircut or wear a scarf or cap. Pick out attractive and colourful items you feel good about. Apply a brow pencil if your eyebrows are thinner and apply makeup to maintain a pleasant outlook. You can also get a moisturising cream and sunscreen if you have any changes in your skin sensitivity and need to go out in the sun. Looking good will make you feel good and comfortable.

    Take out time to plan your day to maximise your productivity without overworking yourself. If you have any other health concerns, do not hesitate to inform your doctor.

  2. Create an activity plan: As you return to your regular routine after chemotherapy, you may notice that you are less fit than usual. This is normal in the early periods after your chemotherapy. To maximise your productivity, create an activity plan with all the required tasks of the day listed. The time consuming and energy-sapping activities should be carried out earlier in the day when you are stronger and more relaxed while the less tasking activities are left for the latter parts of the day.

    You should also include rest periods in your schedule for the day. It is immensely beneficial to take things slow, especially in the early days after your chemotherapy.

  3. Create a meal plan: During or after your chemotherapy, your diet may take a hit. You are likely to experience a loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea. This makes it tasking to maintain a healthy diet. However, you need to eat healthy to maintain a healthy weight. This also provides you with nutrients and energy to help you remain active as much as possible.

    A healthy diet will also help the overall quality of life improve.

  4. Quit smoking and limit alcohol intake: Smoking may increase the chances of a recurrence of cancer. It will also increase the risk of developing heart disease and stroke. Quitting it may require professional help so speak with your doctor about quitting. Avoid areas where you may be exposed to second-hand smoking. Also, drink in moderation or give up drinking.

  5. Exercise: Regular exercises will slowly help you build up your energy reserves, improve your fitness, maintain a healthy weight, and improve your mood. Start slow with simple exercises like brisk walking for around 10 to 30 minutes daily. Work your way up to making it a regular part of your schedule. A short walk around your neighbourhood may also be helpful in unwinding and exercising.

Still, got questions or need further clarification? Please drop it in the comment box or chat with our oncologists and psychologists directly. We would love to hear from you.

Until the next time. Remember you too can keep staying trending beyond that bedside.

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