Beyond the Bedside; Keeping a trendy lifestyle after Chemotherapy

“All my hairs are out and nothing seems to look good on me again. I knew it! I would never be as attractive as before, after this treatment”, Michaela says to Lauren two weeks after completing Chemotherapy.

The hair loss, constant weakness, change in weight, loss of skin glow, mouth sores just to mention a few, are the effects one might encounter during or shortly after completing chemotherapy. However, who says that should be the end of the fun in your life?. Baldies, as I like to describe those who don’t have any hair on their head, sure do have a lot of fun. From the bold looks they can easily pull off, to the direct refreshing effect of the constant breeze on their scalp.

In simple terms, lifestyle is basically, the way a person lives. It’s your life, your style. It is your attitude, way of life, values, habits, taste, moral standards and ideas. A trend is a general development or change in a situation or in the people are behaving. Joining both words together, a trendy lifestyle is ultimately you modifying the general development to suit your taste. It is creating a way of life that appeals to you, yet being modern.

Photo – Bald Brothers

The first step is getting your mind to the place of an overcomer. You conquered cancer, why would you think for one second that you can’t do anything you set your mind to? It is alright if you felt like that, those drugs have a way of messing with one’s mind. Now you are out of the woods, you kicked cancer in the butt, so it’s time to get on the swings and enjoy life once again. Now is the time to try out those mental exercises. Yoga comes in handy, go for therapy if you need to; there are amazing psychiatrists and psychologists who can help you through this phase. Join a support group, surround yourself with love. When I say love makes everything better, by all means, get that positive attitude on!

When the mind is set, the body has to follow. You don’t like your new weight? Don’t stress as there’s a solution to it.

Too slim? Get on a healthy meal plan to replenish your store, throw in a few exercises to strengthen your muscles, increase your flexibility and enhance your blood flow. Yes! Your internal organs must feel the victory too. Sodas and junk food may seem like the easy path to get there, but try not to get tempted, they cause more harm than good. If you feel you are not getting as much calories in, eat more frequently. Say yes to fruits, sleep and milk.

Did you add more weight than you would like too? Not to worry, the gym or work out applications have got you too. You are what you eat, so watch that also. Make water your best friend, love it like no other person and get as much of as you can, every day. Please keep your Body Mass Index (BMI) in view. In as much as you don’t want to be overweight, you don’t want to be underweight either.

Now that we are getting our body and mind into shape, it is the time to dress them up and take them for a spin. Your confidence is your best outfit. Even if you are not at your desired body size or shape yet, don’t stress it. You can still slay that body you have on right now. Even people who have not gone through what you have are still struggling to get their dream body. So don’t beat yourself up, instead, wear your scars and be proud of them. After all, Agbani Darego who won Miss World 2001 was slim. Plus-sized models are also taking over the industry now, so don’t stress whatever size you are, you stay winning anyway.

Photos – alopecia world, Boldbeaniess

You might need a new wardrobe to fit your new body, accentuate your curves, package your folds, highlight your clavicles and jawline. Whatever you think is not so cool about your body, turn it into your dazzling point. This is the time to step out of the fashion you are used to, Go Bald, go Bold, right? Choose colours that brighten your look and mood. Try out new combinations and Pinterest may come in handy. You don’t want to break the bank trying to switch up your style, so make Do It Yourself (DIY) pages your comfort place.

When you are unsure, go black, you can never go wrong. Even Coco Chanel, the famous French fashion icon, affirms it that Black has it all with its beauty being absolute. Ladies, wigs, accessories and scarfs also come in the starter pack, so don’t shy away from wearing them. In all you do, remember that You, yes You, are still the main beauty we want to feed our eyes on.

Photos – @valerie.ike on IG , Bald brothers

Your smile is the best face lift you can get for free. Ensure it is wide as ever, with your teeth shining through your parted lips and your breath drawing everyone in. Those sores are a thing of the past, with the right oral care and time, you are good to go.

You can draw those missing eyebrows, they are really not a big deal, at least the other annoying hairs fell out too, enjoy this blessing while it last.

Photos – buzzfeed, Pinterest

I recommend you join our support groups such as Pearl Oncology or Mankind Community (Oncopadi Breast and Prostate Cancer Online Support Group). You will find those in your shoes, have good conversations with them to better put your mind at ease.

Until the next time, Sending you light and love wherever you are #Stay SLAYing“.

Loads of Love

xo xo

Oncopadi cares

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