Can I Be Happy in The Face of Cancer?

A cancer diagnosis is definitely a downer. It is, in fact, an earth-shattering moment as you get diagnosed for the first time. No one would consider that a happy or enjoyable moment. Sometimes, a cancer diagnosis heralds the start of a bubble of low moods which may develop into depression, depending on one’s prior life and mood.  Cancer is terrifying, especially when you start to worry about breaking the news, losing your hair and the countless hospital visits.

For some people, it is surprisingly the moment when they begin to truly feel happy. They are more grateful for what life throws at them and they count their blessings. Thereon, they undergo treatment and go to appointments feeling better mentally, feeling stronger despite the diagnosis and living healthier.

The smile you make when you know nothing can hold you down not even cancer

Making the journey from diagnosis to treatment and survival does not necessarily have to be a depressive event. You do not also expect to be happy at all time. You can feel happy and experience joy, even when living with a cancer diagnosis.

Here are a few tips for finding happiness after a cancer diagnosis:

  1. Accept the situation: This means that you should not linger in denial for too long. Prompt treatment makes a world of difference in cancer care so you should chin up, accept the diagnosis early and empower yourself to survive it. Do not blame yourself or the decisions you made in the past. Blaming other people is unlikely to be beneficial too.
  2. Take out time to reflect on the positives in your life: Living with a cancer diagnosis may make it seem like your whole life has been a sad story. While situations may differ from person to person, reflecting on the positives is a way to find happiness, after a cancer diagnosis.
  3. Be confident in your faith: While you may feel let down by the higher power you believe in, this is the time to entrust your healing and belief in your faith, if you are a believer. Research has shown that people who are hopeful and inspired are overall better prepared to handle the mental rigours of a cancer diagnosis.
  4. Engage yourself in pleasurable activities: Whether it is going out to the mall, watching comedies, knitting or singing, your previously enjoyable activities must not be discarded in a hurry. These are bound to be helpful when you feel down.
  5. Spend time with your loved ones: Whenever possible, you should spend time with your family and friends. Surround yourself with their positive energy.
  6. Exercise: Start small; if you were not especially active before your diagnosis. Walking, pacing around a small room, cycling, swimming or yoga are easy activities to engage in that will uplift your mood and spirit. You will also feel better while at it
  7. Take out time to try new things: If you have always wanted to carry out some activities but never had the opportunity to, this is a great chance to do it. Whether it is singing loudly at a karaoke bar, trying a new dish or learning a new skill, look for opportunities to find joy and pleasure in new things. 
Living my best life cancer #BOSS MOVES

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Until the next episode. Remember; to keep making those #boss moves, cause cancer ain’t got nothing on you.

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