Cancer care in search of cancer cure

An oncologist(cancer doctor) once said that “One of the many goals of quality cancer care is to search for cancer cure“. Cancer is a complex disease and different people respond to the same treatment differently. On a daily basis around the world including Nigeria, thousands of people hear something scary “You have cancer“.Many people diagnosed or living with cancer have shared how confusing, sad, numb or angry this makes them feel.These initial feelings and actions determine how quickly or slowly they will receive treatment.In Nigeria many people delay cancer care for many reasons and this has negative consequences.

In Nigeria, many people search for cancer cure,strength and clarity in religious institutions or opt for traditional medicine.Mary a 10 year breast cancer survivor shared how she walked out of the hospital, sat under a tree and cried for 2 hours.When she got home she refused to share her diagnosis with her family members and wished it away.A few weeks after a church service she approached her pastor and confided her diagnosis.

Her pastor prayed with her, advised her to tell a trusted family member and visit the cancer clinic again.This she did and it has been more than 10 years she is healthy and grateful that she started her cancer treatment as soon as she did.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer recently or a while back or maybe you are caring for someone just diagnosed with cancer, here are a few tips to help you find excellent cancer care.

cancer care in search of cancer cure

  1. Source for accurate cancer information from from reliable sources.You can read our cancer blog
  2. Ensure your diagnosis and treatment are done by trained specialists.Yes it is pretty difficult to know who the trained specialists in Nigeria.That is why we are here to help you find the right cancer doctor, quality cancer care, cancer programs that support you etc.Check out some of our Oncopadi Oncologists
  3. Anyone living with cancer hopes for a cure-it starts with presenting to the cancer clinic or hospital early and having a great cancer care team that can give you a good chance for cure, disease control, symptom management and better quality of life.That’s not all, you need a good fighting spirit, a support network, finances for your care, healthy meals, serenity and loads more.
  4. Get all your cancer questions answered by booking an appointment with our cancer navigator or cancer doctor.It is quick to register and chat with a cancer specialist by video, audio or a physical clinical visit.You may do this on behalf of someone you know living with cancer or maybe you just want to know how to reduce your risk of developing cancer.

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