Most frequent questions and answers
The Oncopadi is Africa’s 1st Digital Cancer Clinic that provides accurate cancer information, survivors, specialists and resources. It is a web/mobile app that allows you to chat with cancer experts, book tests, seek a 2nd opinion on a health issue or learn how to prevent cancer and other disease.
The Oncopadi.com is designed for use by the public and people living with cancer. If you are looking for information, health care discounts, affordable screening services, you will find useful information here. Cancer survivors and caregivers will find practical support such as the online forum, deals on cancer tests, treatment support, symptom management through the online consultation and loads more.
No, it is for everyone interested in their health. You can chat with a doctor on any health topic of your choice; report a symptom or get a second opinion from a doctor about a health condition such as Hypertension, benefit from discounts and many more.
Oncopadi.com is a web app that offers you a personalised premium account. The web app should be viewed on a desktop computer, laptop or Android tablet.
The Oncopadi website provides most of the information and services except for the personalized features of the app such as the consultation, personal medical records, which is hosted by the app.