Oncopadi emerges 2nd place at the 2023 ICTEL Expo #TECH DISRUPT

The 9th edition of the ICTEL EXPO 2023, was a 2-day (Tuesday 25th July & Wednesday, 26th July, 2023) technology conference and exhibition that took place at Landmark Centre, Water Corporation Drive, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, Nigeria.

The Expo was organised by the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) and themed #TECH DISRUPT: Transforming businesses with innovation, which drew a remarkable turnout of over 2,000 participants from across Africa and beyond. Participants included industry leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts eager to explore the latest developments in the tech landscape.

The conference segment of ICTEL EXPO 2023 provided a dynamic platform for knowledge-sharing and engagement. Keynote speakers, renowned for their expertise in technology and business, led thought-provoking sessions on topics vital to the African tech ecosystem, such as The Future of Technology in Africa, The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Businesses, The Rise of the Startup Ecosystem in Africa, and How to Build a Successful Tech Company.

In addition to the conference program, ICTEL EXPO 2023 also included an exhibition of over 50 technology companies and provided participants with the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and products, and to network with potential partners and customers

The ICTEL EXPO 2023 proved to be an exceptional platform for participants to:

– Learn about the latest trends and technologies in the ICT and telecoms industry

– Network with other business leaders and innovators

– Get inspired by keynote speakers and panel discussions 

– Explore the latest products and services from technology companies

Expo Highlights

The highlight of ICTEL EXPO 2023 was the eagerly anticipated pitch competition, which spotlighted six startups from various regions across Africa – Student Paddy, Babs AI, Health AI, Nguvu Health, Oncopadi Technologies LTD and GetEquity. The competition provided a unique platform for these startups to present their groundbreaking products and services to an enthusiastic audience comprising potential investors, venture capitalists, and strategic partners.

Claiming the prestigious 1st place position was GetEquity, a company marketplace challenging the conventional norms of startup financing and venture capital. With their innovative approach, GetEquity aims to democratise access to startup funding, empowering previously underfunded and underserved startups in the process.

Oncopadi Technologies LTD, supported by the Project Innovation2Market (Project I2M) from the University of Lagos, secured the 2nd place position, with their impactful digital health innovations. The impressive pitch was skillfully delivered by Dr. Oyinlola Thomas – Technical Project Lead. The PROSECare App (Patient-Reported Outcome/Side-Effects) is a cloud-based personalized digital health tool for cancer patients and hospitals to remotely manage treatment-related side effects.

Nguvu Health, an on-demand teletherapy platform, emerged as the 3rd place winner. Their platform, catering to Africans both at home and in the diaspora, connects users with licensed therapists through text, audio, and video communication, as well as live video therapy sessions, effectively addressing mental health needs on a global scale.

The 2-days event came to a close with members of the audience expressing how much impact the session had on them using emojis.

If you know anyone dealing with cancer or caring for a cancer patient, Create a free account on the
Oncopadi App. If you would like to work with us or are interested in supporting the work, we do at Oncopadi, do contact us here.

Let’s keep Innovating and transforming lives.

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