Oncopadi celebrates #DigitalHealthWeek 2023

Partnership For Progress Towards Digital Transformation In Healthcare

The Digital Health Week (DHW) 2023 is a global event that celebrates the power of digital technologies to transform healthcare. The week-long event is held in November each year, and it brings together healthcare professionals, policymakers, technologists, and patients from around the world to share ideas and explore the latest innovations in digital health.

The theme of Digital Health Week 2023 is Partnerships for Progress. This theme reflects the importance of collaboration in driving health innovation. By working together, healthcare providers, technology companies, governments, and other stakeholders can create a more equitable and accessible healthcare system for all.


Some of the key goals of Digital Health Week 2023 include:

– To raise awareness of the potential of digital health to transform healthcare delivery.

– To promote the adoption of digital health technologies among healthcare providers.

– To encourage collaboration between healthcare providers, technology companies, and other stakeholders.

– To ensure that digital health solutions are equitable and accessible to all.

Oncopadi Technologies Limited is a leading digital health cancer innovation company empowering confident cancer care decisions for patients, caregivers, clinicians and healthcare companies. Oncopadi Tech is on a mission to quickly connect cancer patients to life-saving resources – cancer specialists, hospitals, and coping resources.


Oncopadi hosted its maiden panel session at this year’s #DigitalHealthWeek titled; Partnerships for Progress Towards Digital Transformations in healthcare and was moderated by Oncopadi’s Digital Hub Manager – Agnes Umanah.

Some of the benefits of participating in Digital Health Week 2023:

– Learn about the latest innovations in digital health.

– Network with other healthcare professionals, technologists, and stakeholders.

– Get hands-on experience with digital health technologies.

– Gaining insights into how to implement digital health solutions in your organization and community.

Session Overview

In celebration of the 2023 Digital Health Week, the RBRR Digital Health Hub hosted an event on Friday, November 10, 2023. 

The event titled Partnership For Progress Towards Digital Transformation In Healthcare brought together industry experts to discuss how the transformative power of technology can be leveraged to revolutionise healthcare through collaborative efforts.

The event commenced with an engaging icebreaker session where panelists shared what they enjoyed most about their careers and shed light on their respective areas of expertise.

Orezimena Onofua, a product designer at Wonderstruck Studio, expressed the profound satisfaction derived from developing solutions that seamlessly bridge the accessibility gap for individuals in the business landscape. He passionately advocated for empathy and inclusion as the cornerstones of any healthcare initiative, emphasising the transformative power of design thinking in shaping user-centric solutions.

Dr. Chioma Nwakanma-Akanno, Founder of Smile With Me Foundation, highlighted the significance of cultivating connections with industry professionals and actively engaging with the community to identify and address their healthcare challenges. She emphasised the importance of fostering a culture of empathy and understanding, stressing the power of collaboration in driving meaningful change.

Victor Emaye, CEO and Co-founder of MyChekker, passionately expressed his commitment to facilitating easy access to diagnostic services. Beyond sharing insights into decision-making processes, Emaye offered valuable guidance on navigating challenges, embracing strategic pivots, and fostering collaborations with existing solutions.

Adeola Ayoola, CEO and Co-founder of Famasi Africa shared the importance of delivering tangible value and advocating for higher standards in professional endeavours. She reminded the audience that genuine healthcare cannot exist if patients are relegated to an afterthought. Her words resonated deeply with the audience, underscoring the centrality of patient-centred care in the healthcare ecosystem.

The event concluded with a Q&A session centered on the future of digital healthcare in Nigeria. Panellists expressed optimism regarding the transformative potential of digital healthcare to optimise time management, reduce costs, expand access, enhance patient comfort, strengthen quality assurance, safeguard confidentiality, and ultimately elevate the quality of life for Nigerians. They encouraged the audience to embrace digital technology as a powerful tool for self-empowerment and actively participate in the ongoing innovation and collaboration efforts shaping the future of healthcare in Nigeria.

The event was indeed insightful, practical and data-driven. If you know anyone dealing with cancer or caring for a cancer patient, Create a free account on the Oncopadi App. If you would like to work with us or are interested in supporting the work, we do at Oncopadi, do contact us here.

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