Parenting and Cancer

Being a parent is a challenging task. The role is more elaborate than being a chief executive in many ways. The more kids you have, the more likely that you will need to take on more roles as you nurture and cater to them. Parenting is a profession.  While parenting is difficult as it is and having cancer makes it even more difficult.

On one hand, you need to offer the best care and attention to your kids. On the other hand, you also are battling a serious health issue and may not be able to perform your duties to a desirable level. The activities of daily life as a parent may need to be adapted to allow for appointments, treatments and the recovery period after a particular treatment session.  There will also be changes to responsibilities, roles and goals. You may also need time to take a breather or to recover from the side effects of treatment. this greatly affects the quality of parenting you can provide for your child or children.

For a Person affected by Cancer with a Partner

For an affected person with a partner, the usual arrangement is the picking up of the roles of the other person. All tasks previously apportioned to the patient will be picked up by their partner or an older child. This includes day-to-day tasks like laundry and cleaning. Children are perceptive and tend to notice changes around them. Caner is a big change and you need to open up to them. In most cases, parents aren’t sure about how to relate information to them and tend to say too little or nothing at all. This is not very helpful.  Being clear and explaining things to them in an age-appropriate way helps to prevent undue worrying and anxiety. They also need to understand how finances and routines may change, what responsibilities will fall to your spouse or other people and how changes to your body may occur, like hair loss.

For a Single Parent affected by Cancer

Single parents often find it difficult to juggle both the cancer journey and parenting. It is complicated if they have young children or are distant from family. It is very important for single parents to seek help from family or trusted friends as regards their kids. This takes off a lot of trouble and makes things less cumbersome. They will help with ensuring normalcy and help you get necessary breaks to recover and rest. They may also help with other tasks like shopping or gardening but you can outsource these if you want. Again, being clear to your child or children is necessary.

It is important to note that your dream level and quality of parenting may not be possible but you mustn’t give up. You need all the help you can get from your partner, family or friends. Also, ensure to get your children involved in some way so they are able to help. An age-appropriate role is always available (for example, your older children can drive you to appointments and the younger children can help with finding your medications from where you keep them in the house)

Still, got questions or need further clarification? Please drop it in the comment box or chat with our oncologists and psychologists directly. We would love to hear from you.

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