Social Distancing – Why is it important?

In our fight against any infection, prevention is our best bet when there is no known cure for that infection. From authorized sources, COVID-19 is transmitted from person to person through droplets, fomites and close contact.

Social distancing also called Physical distancing means keeping space between yourself and other people outside of your home. In simple terms; staying at least 2 metres from other people, not gathering in groups and staying out of crowded places Center for Disease Control and Prevention. This is a public health measure that has been employed by most countries of the world currently plagued by this pandemic. It helps break the chain of transmission which is the best preventive measure against COVID-19.

The Phenomenon of Social Distancing

Social distancing is not a new phenomenon. Let’s take a look at the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918.

  • A study showed that cities with stricter non-pharmacological interventions such as quarantining, school and business closures which all aim to achieve social distancing reaped more economic benefits as they recorded fewer deaths. This helped soften the economic disruption after the pandemic even though it directly decreased economic activity during that period.
  • Another study carried out in 2007, found a strong association between the number and duration of non-pharmacological interventions and pandemic deaths, with more and longer-lasting non-pharmacological interventions associated with a smaller death toll.

Benefits of Social Distancing:

  • Limiting Infection Spread: Social distancing doesn’t just keep you healthy. It protects others by preventing the spread of the virus to someone whose body is ill-prepared to handle the virus. This is just in case an individual might have come in contact with the virus but not yet exhibiting symptoms. Researchers have attributed the rapid spread to the movement of people with no symptoms or very mild symptoms. “Don’t be a walking ignorant bomb”.

If Tuberculosis were endemic in a place, on arrival, you would want to wear a mask, avoid being close to people coughing right? … COVID-19 is out there now, so let’s reciprocate the same energy.

  • Helping our health system strive: The greatest love that can be shown to humanity right now is to maintain a safe distance from others. This keeps us all healthy, which helps reduce the spread and prevents overloading our healthcare system which is currently standing on one ill leg. It makes available the already limited healthcare resources to be used in the treatment of the already sick who are in dire need of it. It also creates an avenue to treat other diseases apart from COVID-19. 

Our collective role in social distancing

As earlier stated, social distancing is not a novel idea when it comes to combating pandemics. It goes to confirm the saying; there is nothing new under the sun. The world has overcome pandemics in the past with worse fatalities. Let us learn from the measures taken then, improve on it, adopt it and record another victory.

A healthy world starts with you and I – Social distancing helps generate herd immunity; why won’t you want to be a part of something great.

Refuse to be a carrier or a transmitter today. Choose to be the missing link in this contagion.

N.B: Social Distancing isn’t the time to visit your neighbour to watch Telemundo together. Please stay indoors except it is extremely necessary, and when you step out, gear up and stay apart.

Still, got questions or need further clarification? Please drop it in the comment box or chat with our information specialist directly. We would love to hear from you.

#Stayathome #StaySafe

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