Cancer and Your Relationship

A lot of changes follow a cancer diagnosis. There are usually significant changes to your health, outlook to life, routines, work and daily activities. As you go through treatment, other changes may also occur. One of the big changes that will occur is your relationship with other people: especially when they are informed of your …

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Nutritional Nuggets

There are known causes for some cancer (e.g. infections, radiation, smoking etc.) but the causes of some other cancer types are still unknown. For these cancers, however, some things may increase the possibility of developing cancer called Risk Factors. One of them is the type of food you eat or don’t eat. No single food …

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Cancer and Fertility

Cancer treatment can affect one’s fertility in more ways than one, especially for women. Typically, it is not one of the most discussed topics when it comes to cancer and cancer treatments but it is something to consider. If you are undergoing cancer treatment and wish to get pregnant at some point in the future, …

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