The Importance of Family Support in Cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer is earth-shattering. It disrupts your life, work, relationships and plans. Every individual reacts differently to a cancer diagnosis due to the emotional and financial toll associated with cancer. The journey may be difficult and tiring. Therefore, having family support is one thing that makes it all better.

Here, we will discuss the importance of family support in the cancer journey. Bear in mind that whilst you may be the one diagnosed with cancer, the diagnosis affects your whole family and circle of friends.

Ideally, support from family and friends is much more important when you are having a crisis, which cancer is. Although it may be difficult to tell your family, friends, or co-workers that you have cancer, it is most certainly known that having a good support system goes a long way in helping you beat cancer. You need their strength, positivity and support with your life and schedules.  Your family and friends are there for you to share your fears and burden which makes the weight lighter. The love and encouragement a support system grants you cannot be overemphasized. Let them into your life and journey; so they may help you beat cancer, together.

Take my hand, let’s go on this journey TOGETHER

For your appointments, medications, meals, house chores or laundry and even personal care and treatment decisions, they are there to help you. Don’t be afraid of asking for help from your friends and family. They are there exactly for such purposes. Be rest assured that you will get different responses from different people. While some people will be incredibly helpful and quick to help out, others may be less helpful. Do not be dismayed. Some of them may be battling problems of their own or have had bad experiences with cancer in the past and do not want to relive the moment again.

If you need help, please ask. Some of them are very willing to help but do not know what to do. You may need to make specific requests in such cases. If you need help with your meals, appointments or business, be sure to inform your closest and most trusted relatives or friends. When you feel up for it, let them hang around with you to raise your spirits and emotions. Endeavour to spread your needs across your network rather than bombarding a few people with all your requests. This may increase burnout on the part of your family and friends.

Nothing more reassuring than the comfort of a helping hand.

If you don’t have family close to you or they are less than helpful, seek out a support group. These are a family of people with similar experiences with cancer at different stages of the journey to defeating cancer. The individuals in support groups who have beaten cancer are there to fill your heart with hope and inspire you as you undergo treatment. They are also helpful in dealing with some of the side effects of treatment, filling you in with life hacks and experiences garnered when they made the same journey. Ask your cancer care team for support groups close to you.

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On the next episode, we would like to share our secret tips on happiness in the face of cancer. Remember; talking to someone may just be the first step in helping you cope with the uncertainties ahead.

Be rest assured that you that we are always here for you.

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