Month: April 2020

Social Distancing – Why is it important?

In our fight against any infection, prevention is our best bet when there is no known cure for that infection. From authorized sources, COVID-19 is transmitted from person to person through droplets, fomites and close contact. Social distancing also called Physical distancing means keeping space between yourself and other people outside of your home. In …

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Common Misconceptions About Conception COVID-19

Since the outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic that has ravaged the whole world, there have been a number of mistaken beliefs, false impressions and unproven information surrounding this novel virus. The world has been thrown into a panic mode and it is important that any impressions or information that goes around to the general public …

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Nutritional Nuggets

There are known causes for some cancer (e.g. infections, radiation, smoking etc.) but the causes of some other cancer types are still unknown. For these cancers, however, some things may increase the possibility of developing cancer called Risk Factors. One of them is the type of food you eat or don’t eat. No single food …

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