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The rate at which people are developing cancer is alarming. Have you seen the startling statistics? Every year, more than 120,000 Nigerians are diagnosed with cancer and about 80,000 deaths occur, meaning about 2/3 of people who have cancer die from it. Okay...take a deep breath, Practice safe sex

Reoccurrence of cancer

Introduction The joy and relief that comes with defeating cancer cannot be overstated. After the uncertainty and the emotional turbulence, a return back to a cancer-free life is often seen as a second shot at life. Hence it can be overwhelming to be told that the battle isn’t over, and you have to fight all …

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Effects of Cancer Treatment on the Appearance and Wellbeing of Patients

Cancer is a disease no one wants to experience in life. Being a terminal disease, it has no known cure. However, there are treatments prescribed for cancer patients. These treatments either slow the growth of the cancerous cells or wipe them out. Prominent among these treatments are chemotherapy and radiation. As relieving as the idea …

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Eating Healthy

A healthy diet remains a central part of wholesome living. As a person living with cancer, eating right becomes even more pressing, especially if you were not doing so before. Living with cancer may come with its peculiar challenges that may require you to adjust your diet. So, eating right for some cancer patients may …

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Mental Health of Cancer Patients

Cancer, in its dreadful nature, affects the physical and mental health of patients. Apart from the debilitating nature of the disease, patients are faced with many negative emotions born out of a cancer diagnosis. However, like any problem, there is a solution to the mental tussle caused by cancer in its patients. In this article, …

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