Cancer and Fatigue

Fatigue is the feeling of extreme tiredness. Regarding cancer, fatigue is the commonest symptom of cancer and cancer treatment. Here, we will discuss what causes fatigue in cancer and how you can remain energetic for activities of daily living. Cancer Fatigue Unlike everyday fatigue, cancer fatigue is much worse and can happen anytime, even after …

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Bursting Myths: Sugar and Cancer

MYTH: Taking sugar in food and soft drinks can cause cancer. FACT: Sugar does not cause cancer, either in its natural form in sugar-containing food items (such as yam, potato, pasta, wheat and rice) or in processed forms (such as in soda and fizzy drinks, corn syrup and fruit juices).  It may, however, leave you …

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Understanding Cancer Risks Factors

For most cancers, the specific cause is often unknown. When cells develop with no control and invade nearby areas, it is often due to a combination of factors. These cancers develop over a while and are often due to a number of factors called risk factors. A risk factor is any attribute or feature that …

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Coping tips after a cancer diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis is life-changing. This is why Oncopadi and Sebeccly Cancer Care has developed cancer support resources and tips on coping after a cancer diagnosis. Some of our programs provide accurate cancer information, cancer support group, resources and practical support such as the free surgery program called Sebeccly Mastectomy Initiative at General Hospital, Lagos. …

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